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This site is dedicated to the advancement of the Slap Guitar, a style which uses the guitar as a percussive as well as melodic and harmonic instrument. In this style
made popular by artists such as Michael Headges, Preston Reed, Erik Mongrain and Andy McKee, the body of the guitar is tapped, struck or otherwise manipulated to expand the Compas of musical possibilities produced by the player. Common to this style are the use of melodic hammer ons and pull offs and the use of percussivly struck harmonics. Many feel that this is an evolutionary advance in the development of the guitar as a respected instrument.
Also featured on this site is the DAGR9 or Nine String Drum Guitar, invented and played exclusivlly by Keith Lykins

On this sire you will find music video to watch as well as a store where you can purchase MP3s or CDs by Keith.


Keith Lykins
Fingerstyle, Slap Guitar, Classical Guitar, Vocal Music, Rock Guitar
Fingerstyle, Slap Guitar, Classical Guitar, Vocal Music, Rock Guitar
Keith performs a compositional style termed “Urban Tribal Music” or “Slap Guitar“. This style of music encompasses classical and finger style techniques as well rhythmic and musical devices from around the world. His new release “Shadowland” exhibits this style of composition. 
Keith's upcoming release, ENCRYPTIONS, features the 9 String Drum Guitar.

You can contact Keith at:

“Music is more spirit than physical, yet the meeting of both. Their interaction defies concrete explanation: the stuff of matter and spirit, the music of the spheres if you will. All that we will ever know: matter, information, emotion are all formed and driven by vibration, tone, pitch. This is pretty important stuff. There is far more to be gained through music than just entertainment, soothing sounds. There is great non verbal truth, the unspoken language.”                                                                          


                                                             Keith Lykins






Red Sun Dagger Played written by Keith Lykins Played  on City Nights in Covington Ky

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