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“Music is more spirit than physical, yet the meeting of both. Their interaction defies concrete explanation: the stuff of matter and spirit, the music of the spheres if you will. All that we will ever know: matter, information, emotion are all formed and driven by vibration, tone, pitch. This is pretty important stuff. There is far more to be gained through music than just entertainment, soothing and exciting sounds. There is great non verbal truth, the unspoken language.”                         

Keith Lykins 

Keith Lykins is a man undergoing spontaneous combustion on stage, a slow provocative burn, at times expanding to eruptions of musical prowess on the 6 string guitar, 9 string drum guitar and voice. His music is a mosaic of invention using traditional forms, punctuated with afro/cubano rhythms and harmonies and melodies from The Middle East to The Irish Coast. Add a deep, penetrating voice with searing, honest lyrics. Think Andy McKee, Tommy Emmanuel and Leo Kotkee mixed with flamenco and blues guitar, powerful vocals ranging from the blues club to the concert stage.  Executing heart rending ballads to pounding vocal and instrumental works his performance evokes authenticity and power.

Jim McCutcheon, Host of "The Intimate Guitar"  WDPR-FM writes that Keith “applies technique and musicianship to his own style of progressive acoustic fingerstyle playing with impressive results, creating sounds I've never heard before.”
Shortly after receiving a bachelor’s degree in classical guitar performance, he dealt with a career stopping injury. He was forced to live without his gift for a time. In 2010 Keith underwent a miraculous healing. Given a second chance, he approaches his music and performance with a passion akin to lost love rekindled. His warmth, passion and command on stage evoke the sense that something wonderful is taking place here and now. What is taking place is the conception of a new, yet unnamed style of music, the sheer joy of performance and the culmination of pure formative genius. His performances truly are that novel and inventive.
Keith writes, records and performs in the Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky area. It has been relayed by those who engage his“…talents and gifts that he so fluently shares as he entertains and captivates the audience with his brilliant ability in music. The sheer delight of his natural gift of entertainment and the talent on six string guitar and a nine string drum guitar is awe inspiring to his fans.”
He has performed at such diverse venues as The Victory Theatre, Dayton Ohio, Troy-Hayner Culture Center, The Dayton Guitar Festival, DATV “The Music of Keith Lykins” KTTV Covington Kentucky “City Nights’ as well as WDPR RADIO.
His upcoming release “Encryptions” features the 9 string drum guitar or DAGR-9, an instrument of his own invention as well as the 6 string guitar and voice. His last release "Shadowland" presents this style of music on the 6 string guitar in instrumental form.








Red Sun Dagger Played written by Keith Lykins Played  on City Nights in Covington Ky

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Fingerstyle, Slap Guitar, Classical Guitar, Vocal Music, Rock Guitar
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